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POS System Maintenance

Almost all of the calls that come into our support center are problems with Hardware, Windows, Networking or other issues not directly related to the POS Software. We have found over the years that if you adopt and follow some tried and true techniques you will have minimal problems with your hardware and software. Most of our customers who have followed these techniques have been running Retail POS Software for years without a single failure. What you will read below are recommendations and your decision to follow them is entirely up to you.

1. DO NOT turn off your computer without exiting Retail POS completely.
This includes all terminals as well if running on a network

2. DO NOT reset or restart your computer without exiting Retail POS completely.
This includes all terminals as well if running on a network

3. Put battery Backups (UPS) on EVERY critical piece of hardware.
This includes the Server, ALL workstations, Network Hubs, Etc.
Leaving one computer unprotected can cause adverse effects on all other computers.

4. Use a WIRED network on ALL computers. Wireless Networks are not designed for high speed database applications and are not recommended or supported with this POS Software.

5. If you are using the POS system for surfing the Internet and running your business at the same time you risk the chance of picking up a Worm or Virus which could damage your POS program and your data.

6. If connected to the Internet, properly configure firewalls or anti-virus programs so they don't slow your sales system down. These programs tend to filter every read and write to the hard drive and can slow performance as much as 75%.

7. Put a Backup Tape Drive, Mirrored Hard Drive or RAID system in your main computer.

8. Use a dedicated File Server. This means a machine that sits in a closet that NO ONE uses for anything but running the POS Software and backup routines.

9. Turn off Automatic Windows Updates. Automatic Windows Updates can restart your computer without properly notifying you. If the Retail POS SQL databases are open or you are using the system and Windows abruptly restarts the databases could corrupt preventing further use of the system. From time to time if you wish to update Windows do it manually under controlled conditions